Last month, I was very interested in blogs that deal with minimalism. It seems like it is the new trend like the Normcore but I was immediately attracted to this lifestyle because it also echoes some things that are important for me : how to waste less.

Don’t get me wrong: I am far from being a minimalist. Two days ago, I bought six books on Amazon and I have too much clothes in my closet to say that I follow this life style.

However I do agree that I think more about what I buy and that includes clothes or food for example. I try to buy quality. And yes, you don’t always have to buy Hermes to have quality. But you have to do a bit of research to find good stuffs. Recently, I have made a purchase on H&M following my Conscious post. I don’t buy so much at H&M but the Conscious collection interested me and the 4 items I bought were all from it. And the quality as well as the price are fair,

So going back to minimalism I thought that it would be good to think about it a bit more or at least to think about my consumption. I buy a lot, I waste quite a lot too and I do not know how to reduce that. I admire people who have been able to reduce their wardrobe to 40 items. I read the blog from Lemon Coco (sorry in French only) and this is what she manages to do: 40 items! That makes me dream. At least, this year I didn’t buy another pair of boots…

What I also read is that you can’t change the way you have lived for 30 years in 10 mn. And this is the issue for me: I am always impatient when I want to apply a change, I want it to work immediately, I don’t have the patience to incorporate little by little some changes into my life. So, the main question is: how can I simplify things without getting bored the next week because it does not work?

As this week-end is a long weekend in France (we are off today due to bank holidays on Thursday), I decided to do a first step. checking my wardrobe and removing anything unnecessary. I also want to do a list of items I truly want to purchase, just to avoid buying all the time. That will be my goal of the week-end. I have also decided to invest more in culture. Last Sunday I was at Versailles (I will post some pictures) and I loved it. I want to invest more in that type of quality time.

So, far from minimalism but getting little by little towards a simplified life.



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